Program Briefing

Welcome to Your Summer Wellness Program.

We are so excited you are joining us on this wonderful summer retreat.  Please read below and watch and listen to the following short video to know what to expect during the 4 days of guided wellness.

Summer is the time of playful abundance. In traditional medical systems, it is recognised as the time for the heart, intellect and circulatory systems to blossom and be renewed. A time of abundance and growth in the environment is an experience of more sharing and laughter because our lives are more full.  The summer season is seen as a time of creation and growth. An opportunity to heal and create abundance in the heart and intellect, stillness in the mind and clear inner communication by healing the circulatory system.

During the Ryoho Summer Program, we target specific areas of need for the summer season with specialized and tailored food, exercise and yoga therapy. By devoting a little time each day to the appropriate seasonal regime, we can bring deep issues to the surface and eliminate them. Our Summer Protocols can be used for specific conditions and we use natural food-based medicines and whole-foods to help your body eliminate. During this Program we have just the right type and amounts of food to help draw deep residue out and aid the body in its summer journey.

Summer Program Benefits:

* repair the circulatory system * improve the mind body connection * overcome old emotional programming * open your heart to abundance * alleviate neck disorders * alleviate digestive problems * strengthen the immune system * let your defenses drop to open to new energetic and emotional experiences * start the journey of subtle thinking * rid your intellect of over-concern of little things * strengthened core * feelings of vitality * eye’s sparkling and clear



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