Day 4 – Evening

Welcome to Day 4!

Lectures and Classes are integrated and support your learning and development and we highly recommend you do each of the Lectures and Yoga Classes in sequence.

Please consult your doctor prior to embarking on anything new particularly if you have been unwell or have a prior diagnosed condition. Please note our classes are guided by an experienced professional yoga instructor, however we take no responsibility for any injuries you may suffer as a result of following the program. We will do our very best to ensure that the content we deliver is as guided as possible, however please understand the online environment is not as interactive as in-studio or face to face. Please take this into account when you make your independent decision to attend our Online Training Program and any other associated programs and activities of

DAY 4: Summer Wellness Lecture 2

Wellness Lecture and Q&A Session

Summer retreat final meeting/ lecture. How to follow up after retreat. Your program. What to eat and why. How to cook and most importantly why. Learn how to avoid cravings. Full breakdown of how to live well in summer.